Apr 2011

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Save the Date – ILSI Biomed 2011 will be held May 23-25 in Tel Aviv.

Israeli Life Sciences Boom. Exchange draws flood of IPOs; some see symptoms of a bubble.

Israel is becoming a medical device power. More than 600 medical device companies are acting today in Israel, a third of the worldwide active in this area worldwide. With second place in the world as a supplier of medical solutions provider and with the forth place in developing medical technologies, is Israel becoming a medical device power? (Hebrew)

The FDA is proposing to amend its regulations to expand the scope of clinical investigator disqualification. Under this proposal, when the Commissioner of Food and Drugs determines that an investigator is ineligible to receive certain test articles (drugs, devices, or new animal drugs), the investigator also will be ineligible to conduct any clinical investigation that supports an application for a research or marketing permit for products regulated by FDA.

FDA has issued the final guidance, “Exception from Informed Consent Requirements for Emergency Research".

New data show number of principal investigators
dropping 11% globally, and 20% in U.S.

Boston Scientific to pay up to $24.3m for Israeli Start-Up.