Jan 31 2010

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Courting the Israeli biotech companies: The Israeli biotech market is sizzling of foreign companies, all looking for the same thing: proved brilliant ideas, ready to market  (Hebrew).


A very successful seminar: "Patient Recruitment: Key Success Factor in Clinical Trials" held by ILSI during January 2010. Presentations are posted here.

ILSI has a new web site.
ILSI is a non-profit registered corporation, representing the mutual goals of the Israeli life science community. 812 life science companies and 59 industry related companies are already registered in its database.

Dr. Ornit Yanai-Kohelet, Q-Trials CEO, is one of the lecturers at the Clinical Trials Management course
, to be held by Hadassah College in Jerusalem during March-November 2010.

Israel Life Science Industry organization (ILSI), MATIMOP - the Israeli Industry Center for R&D, and the Chief Scientist of Israel Industry, Trade and Labor Ministry, announced
a competition for bio companies. The winning companies will take part in the delegation to
Bio-Chicago 2010 during May 3-6 2010.