May 2011

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On the Opening of the Biomed Israel 2011 Week: President Peres Has Announced the Launch of a Brain Research International Centre in Israel – to be headed by entrepreneur dr. Rafi Gidron

ILSI-Biomed 2011: Israel's Chief Scientist Reports a 430 million NIS Investment in Life Science Industries and Announces the Field as a Favored Sector. The R&D Committee alone considered 338 support applications from 193 companies for life science projects. 265 projects were approved for State assistance.

FDA has issued new draft guidance, “Financial Disclosure by Clinical Investigators, Guidance for Clinical Investigators, Industry, and FDA Staff.”

OrbiMed to invest $200M in Israeli firms. World's leading asset management firm in health sciences industry signs agreement with Israeli government to invest in research and development, focusing on biotechnology.

Israel partners in 16% of EUREKA’s 89 approved innovative projects. Israel has been one of the five most active members in EUREKA, the leading industrial R&D initiative in Europe, boasting the same number of projects as much bigger [EU] countries.