Cutting-Edge R&D by Emerging Companies

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  • The NovoTTF, a portable, wearable device that delivers an anti-mitotic, anti-cancer therapy as patients maintain their normal activities, was developed by Novocure.
  • Ventor, acquired by Medtronic in 2009, created a unique aortic valve prosthesis which can be implanted “off pump”, on a beating heart.
  • The superDimension i-Logic System, acquired by Covidien in 2012, uses Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy (ENB) to provide minimally invasive access to lesions deep in the lungs as well as mediastinal lymph nodes, enabling physicians to diagnose benign and malignant lung lesions and avoid the need for higher-risk procedures.
  • Kamada’s D1-AAT drug with AAT (Alpha-1 antitrypsin) protein, which treats Type 1 diabetes, is a breakthrough treatment of the disease, which may greatly reduce the body’s need for insulin. (Pictured: Kamada factory courtesy of Kamada)
  • Vaxil's lead therapeutic vaccine ImMucin is a novel treatment for various forms of cancer.

Source: Invest In Israel