June 2014

The Israeli ministry of Health published the new guideline for clinical trials in humans2014, which will enter into force on 15.11.2014. This guideline replaces the 2006 guideline (Hebrew)
The meeting of C-Trials executive committee, the Israeli association for the advancemnet of the biomedical research community, was postponed to July 23, 2014.
FDA approves Israel’s ReWalk device enabling paraplegics to walk. The Israeli-developed 'ReWalk' device that enables peoples suffering from paralysis in the lower parts of their bodies to stand and walk has been approved for home use by the FDA. The device, which uses a robot to move the hips and knees of the user, was developed by Dr. Amit Goffer, himself a quadriplegic. Already available in Europe and in clinical settings in the US, FDA clearance will enable spinal cord injury victims in the US to use the device in home and field settings as well. Argo Medical Technologies, the company that developed the product, was launched in Israel in 2001, and now has headquarters in the US, Germany, and Israel.
Mergers and acquisitions in the Israeli biotech industry.There are several signs that indicate the emergence of a certain industry: high salaries, number of new companies, demand for employees, and even the demand for related study programs. But it seems that the most significant parameter is the number of mergers and aqcqisitions done ​​recently. (Hebrew).
Office of the chief scientist launches new tech incubators. The Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) at the Israel Ministry of Economy recently announced that it has awarded two new incubator projects in the areas of health and food technology. Inspire Healthcare Innovations Ltd will operate as a joint venture between Holland's Philips Healthcare and Israel's Teva Pharmaceuticals and will seek to accelerate medical and health-related innovations. Food-Tech Hub LP will be operated by the Strauss Group and will seek to develop the Israeli food and beverage innovation ecosystem.
EU and Israel sign horizon 2020. The State of Israel and the European Union recently signed the Horizon 2020 association agreement, according Israel full access to EU research and innovation for the next seven years. With a total budget of nearly 80 billion euros over seven years, Horizon 2020 is the largest-ever EU research and innovation program and one of the biggest in the world. Israeli public and private institutions participated in over 1,500 joint projects during the previous program round, which ended in 2013.
Israel signs new research agreements with France. France and Israel have announced joint funding for research in 2015, in the amount of NIS 5 million. The two countries plan to undertake joint research projects in the fields of medical robotics and cell research. The former includes the development of technologies for medical purposes like diagnostics, surgical procedures, and rehabilitation, while the latter involves innovative research that looks at the cell reaction to mechanical interference. Over the past five years, collaborations between Israel and France have generated some NIS 20 million in some 30 joint research projects.
Israel, California sign major tech cooperation deal.The State of California and the State of Israel have announced the launch of a new agreement for collaboration on industrial R&D. The agreement will enable companies based in Israel and California to benefit from funding for joint projects in a wide range of R&D fields.
EU delegation brings 35 companies to explore opportunity in Israel. Mr. Daniel Calleja Crespo, Director-General of the Enterprise and Industry Directorate-General, led a June delegation to Israel that included 35 companies from across the EU in the fields of information technologies, security, and tourism. The delegation, entitled "Mission for Growth," sought to help visiting companies explore opportunities in Israel, with a special focus on small and medium European and Israeli companies. Israel and the EU are major trading partners, with Israel's first-ever free-trade agreement signed with the EU in 1975. The EU is Israel's #1 export destination, with exports to the EU accounting for 27% of the country’s exports in 2013, and imports accounting for 33% of total imports. Israel was further recently defined as one of the European Commission's Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry's most important trade partners.