June 2015

Cancer immunotherapy market supported by US FDA's breakthrough approvals and strong investments in niche players. The cancer immunotherapy research market is currently hot property. This area of research has benefitted from not only US FDA's 2014 breakthrough approvals of new agents for such variants of cancer as metastatic melanoma and chronic lymphocytic leukemia, but from unprecedented investments in private companies, and partnerships between Big Pharma and niche industry players.

The Israeli Ministry of Health will hold a workshop on regulations of clinical trials in advanced therapy. The conference is sponsored by the EU TAIEX program. The lectures will be given by guest lecturers from abroad and will discuss all aspects of the field from the perspective of European regulations. The workshop will take place on October 12-13 in Jerusalem.
At the request of the authors of clinical trials Procedure (Procedure 14) 2014 version of the Israeli Ministry of Health, CTrials association calls for comments and relevant insights.The comments will be used by the Ministry of for distributing clarifications and updating the document. Deadline for submitting comments was end of June 2015. Dr. Ornit Yanai-Kohelet, CEO of Q-trials CRO is managing the collection and processing of the comments.
Israeli start-up freezes breast cancer in its tracks, without surgeryIceCure says that its cryoablation system can kill early-stage growths within minutes without surgery, let alone scarring. The technology has received FDA approval in the United States and the CE mark in Europe, for use of the device on benign and malignant growths. It’s already being sold in the United States, Hong Kong, Italy and Thailand. In Israel, the technology is not available, though the Health Ministry has granted its approval.
Chiasma files for $86m Nasdaq IPO. Just three months after raising $70 million in a private placement, pharmaceutical company Chiasma has filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for an $86 million Nasdaq IPO. Chiasma is believed to be aiming at a $400-500 million value. Chiasma recently submitted a request for marketing approval of its drug for treatment of acromegaly. The request was made independently, without partners, a unique step for both Israeli pharmaceutical companies and companies holding IPOs.
Eric Schmidt: Israel has huge science, technology impactlob. “Israel is thriving in terms of innovation because you have a culture that makes it possible to question authority and to challenge everything - you don’t follow the rules,” said Google Chairman Eric Schmidt speaking before hundreds of students and researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science.
Schmidt further expressed his admiration for Israel: “The influence that Israelis have on science and technology is tremendous; that’s why I’m here, and that’s why I invest here.”
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