May 2017

The Annual Conference of the Clinical Trials Community in Israel, will be held on 18 June, 2017 at the David InterContinental hotel in Tel Aviv. The conference is co-organized by CTrials and Pharma Israel. The aim of the conference is to keep pace with the global rapid development, the innovations and the latest regulatory changes.
The Israeli clinical trials website was launched on March 2017 by the Ministry of Health, Department of Pharmacy, and is open to the public. The site is designed for patients and their families, and the general population, seeking information about clinical trials and innovative therapies and / or interested in participating In the research (Hebrew).
Pharmaceutical companies invested NIS 575 million in clinical trials in Israel. The annual report of the Ministry of Health on the pharmaceutical companies' investments in Israeli hospitals for 2016 shows an upward trend in the total investments of the companies: from 2013 to 2016, the total investments in clinical trials in Israel increased by 30%. (Hebrew).

Ichilov is at the top of the list of hospitals that received funding for clinical trials from pharmaceutical companies. The Tel Aviv Medical Center received NIS 100 million last year for 280 studies, according to a report by the Israeli Health Ministry published recently, which also details the doctors who received the largest research grants from pharmaceutical companies and medical equipment companies. (Hebrew)

Number of Life Sciences Companies Up 50% in a Decade.  The trend in Israel is away from medical devices and towards digital medicine. The Israeli life sciences industry has slowed slightly in the past two years, in comparison with the global industry. The window of opportunity for Nasdaq issues closed in 2015-2016, but the venture capital funds continued raising money for financing the next generation of promising companies.
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MIXiii BIOMED 2017, the 6th Israeli National Life Sciences & Technology Week to be held May 23 - 25, 2017 at the David InterContinental hotel in Tel Aviv, Israel. A meeting of senior speakers, health professionals and companies in Israel and a range of Israeli start-ups that will present the latest and most innovative developments in the field.
The Israeli Ministry of Health will establish strict procedures for the supervision of clinical trials in human. The Ministry of Health has for the first time issued a procedure for the supervision of clinical trials in Israel. The procedure regulates strict enforcement of the issue. Later, another procedure will be issued to supervise the entrepreneurs, which are the pharmaceutical and medical technology companies, which invest billions of shekels in research in Israel. (Hebrew)
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and fifteen other Federal Departments and Agencies have announced revisions to modernize, strengthen, and make more effective the Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects that was originally promulgated as a Common Rule in 1991. This final rule is intended to better protect human subjects involved in research, while facilitating valuable research and reducing burden, delay, and ambiguity for investigators. These revisions are an effort to modernize, simplify, and enhance the current system of oversight.
Bloomberg Ranks Most Innovative Countries; Israel In Top 10. Ranking 50 countries, the index is based on the strength of each country’s research and development; productivity; high-tech density; higher education; concentration of researchers; added value in manufacturing; and patent activity. Israel leads the world in the number of researchers per capita, it is second in research and development, and the third in high-tech density.