November 2014

Novocure, at the Frontlines of the Battle against Brain Cancer.  The Israeli commercial-stage oncology company, Novocure, is the name behind a promising new brain cancer therapy whose effectiveness was demonstrated in recent clinical trials. The Phase III trials of Novocure's NovoTTF-100A System were terminated at the interim analysis due to early success, and the treatment was shown to significantly extend life expectancy in many patients. The NovoTTF-100A System is a portable, wearable, non-invasive device that uses low-intensity electric fields to slow or reverse tumor growth by inhibiting the division of cancer cells, with no side effects for the patient. According to the principal investigator of the trial, "These results are spectacular.  A new standard of patient care…is born."
Life Science Industry Event Dec.10-11 2014. The LSIE 2014 is an international event which includes professional exhibition & conferences, designed for the Life Science and Medial Industries. LSIE 2014 will offer a platform of professional conferences and exhibition, which will showcase all the research and development stages, in the Israeli Life Sciences industry, which is world renowned for its innovation, ingenuity and creativity.
Camargo Pharmaceutical Services & inPACK Clinical Supply Management are holding a half day seminar on Non-Clinical and Clinical Study Design Factors in a Clinical Trial Protocol. The seminar will take place on December 9, 2014 at the Dan Tel Aviv Hotel.
InPack Clinical Supply Management is holding a seminar: Sourcing of drugs and printed packaging materials for clinical trials. The event will take place on December 16 at InPack factory in Rehovot.
Pfizer and Israeli CliniWorks partnership cuts health costs. A recent partnership between multinational Pfizer and Israeli-founded CliniWorks is helping healthcare workers improve the value of medical data and cut rising health costs.The collaboration brings together CliniWorks’ technologies that aggregate data from electronic medical record systems with Pfizer’s scientific, clinical and disease expertise.
Philips Israel head to government: Lead healthcare IT plan. Philips Israel President and Haifa Development Center CEO Guido Pardo Roques called upon the Israeli Ministry of Health today to lead an area of innovation in healthcare, with an emphasis on Healthcare IT, in cooperation with health organizations, hospitals, academic institutions, and leading companies in the field.
44 % of the population find information on clinical trials through the Internet.  At the annual Israeli conference of clinical trials coordinators presented Uri Goren interesting data on the Internet search usage. He also mentioned which internet channels are more effective for recruiting patientsHebrew presentation.

China and Israel Collaborate to Advance the World's First "Water City". Israeli cleantech is coming to China via the joint Chinese-Israeli "Water City" initiative. China is faced with the challenge of providing water to 1.35 billion residents over 3.7 million square miles. The world-first "Water City" project will tackle the complex challenges of China's vast water system using advanced Israeli water technologies and infrastructure, and will serve as a showcase for Israel's innovations in water quality improvement, management, storage and delivery.
Tel Aviv Named the World's Smartest City in 2014. In addition to its well-known monikers "White City" and "Startup City", Tel Aviv was awarded the title of "the world's smartest city" at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona. It topped the list of 250 cities around the world to win the coveted title. Following on the heels of last year's winner, Rio de Janeiro, Tel Aviv was commended for the advanced range of technologies provided to its residents, such as Tel-Net (city-wide Wi-Fi access), location based smartphone technology, and public round-table policy discussions to encourage community involvement at the tech level.