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Q-trials has extensive experience with pharmaceutical clinical trials. We understand the importance of rapidly and efficiently delivering safe and effective drugs to market.

Recent clinical trials include:
  • Oncology – see details
  • Psychiatry – Obesity, phase II
  • Psychiatry – Schizophrenia, phase III
  • Neurology (Multiple Sclerosis), phase IIIb
  • Gastro-Intestinal (Crohn’s Disease), phase II
  • Cardio-Vascular (DVT), phase III
  • Urology (BPH), phase III
  • Infectious Disease – Hepatitis C, phase III
  • Ophthalmology (AMD), phase I
  • Ophthalmology (DME), phase II
  • Acute kidney injury, phase I
  • Hereditary Angio Edema, phase II
  • Diabetes, phase IV
  • Nephrology, phase III