Q-Trials is proud of its achievements and personal contact with clients and sites. Here are a few of the kind words written to the company and various Q-Trials staff members throughout the years.
“Dear O.Y.K. and D.S.B., I want to thank both of you from my end as well!
I TRULY enjoyed working with you as a team on the Israeli submissions.
I have really learned a lot from the both of you and had fun along the way.”

A Big Pharma Company

“We should like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your cooperation and assistance in every step in obtaining treatment for our patients.

…Again, thank you all for your overtime work and combined efforts in obtaining these treatments. Your willingness to pitch in when needed is very highly appreciated!”

A Clinical Site


Same issue, from the Sponsor’s side:

“Thank you very much for your so prompt and so detailed information. As soon as it would be agreed to use the medication I will get back to you. Thank you again for your great help.”
A Big Pharma Company

“I would like to officially feedback that I have found O.Y.K’s recent work on the XXX study to be excellent. 

…She has been vital in assisting me with the resolution of some critical drug supply issues at the site I would not have been able to achieve the goal of getting replacement medication into the country and to the site without her assistance.”

One of the Big CROs

“I have reviewed your quality survey and part of your SOPs and can conclude that it is well completed and in accordance to our standards.  Moreover, you have implemented all the CAPAs from last audit, which is more than satisfactory. I will close this vendor assessment in our files and state that no audit will be necessary as you fulfilled our requirement in terms of quality.

Thanks again... We are happy to work with such a dedicated vendor”.

Vendor Audit by International CRO

“XXX is planning to conduct a new study following the study currently running. I am aware that you will get your baby around March next year but still would very much like to continue the excellent cooperation we had. I will try my best to schedule all submissions etc within a schedule that considers your new responsibilities!”

“….did I already tell you that it is a pleasure to work with both of you?”

A Non-Profit Organization Performing Clinical Trials

“Thank you for all your hard work M.K., especially through this latest Data-cut, it was great to work with you. All the best for the future!”

“We had today the first initiation visit and it went very well. M.K. - did an excellent job, well prepared, professional and comprehensive , WELL DONE!!!”

A Big Pharma Company

“Just to let you know I have enjoyed working with you but as you know business needs means we now have CRAs in Israel and hence we need to give them the work. Thanks for all your team's hard work over the past few years and hopefully we may work together in the future if we have a study with loads of Israeli sites!”

A Big Pharma Company 

“Ladies, thank you all for the hard work and I am looking forward to a final approval of the study soon. Now we will have to prove to you that we can work and recruit many patients. Good luck to us all.”

A Principal Investigator

“We loved working with you and bugging you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You have fought for every single patient with us and have proven that every patient matters regardless of the patient number and initials. You have provided excellent service with lots of love and a smile, and this is what makes the difference.”  

A Study Coordinator

“Great work on extremely short timelines! …Very important milestone, excellent quick and efficient work”

“A special THANK to all of you!!!  All these tremendous efforts leading to hit the tough timeline here!   Well done and what a great team spirit.
PS : I must have stayed longer in Barcelona!”


“I would like to thank all of you for the big effort that was done to make it possible to have all documents in place for SIV. YOU DID IT!!”

“I would like to use this opportunity – L.S. is simply excellent, has a can-do attitude, committed, serious, positive, an asset which is your gain.” 

“Many thanks for your huge contribution on Israeli sites. We know that's not so "easy" to visit the sites. Be sure that your work is GREATLY appreciated by the entire Project Management Team”