Why Hire a CRO

A Contract Research Organization is usually an independent privately held business, which is hired to execute clinical trials for manufacturers or other contractors in the pharmaceutical arena. CROs come in many variations and sizes. Most will provide basic trial monitoring services at least, among other specialized services.

CROs deal mostly with clinical trials. This is why you will not find a CRA doubling as a lab worker or a nurse in a CRO. You can be certain that all of the CRO’s staff is very much experienced and detail oriented for a successful clinical trial. A typical CRO staff member usually specializes in a trial aspect such as monitoring or site feasibility assessment, while completing specializations of other staff members. When you hire a CRO, you actually hire a team of experts.  

Clients might find they require less service providers for the completion of a trial, since their chosen CRO offers accompanying services, such as study logistics and additional services. This may dramatically impact the cost and timeline of the trial completion.

A local CRO can save you time and money when assessing the feasibility of a clinical trial in a certain country or facility. A CRO usually has profound knowledge of the dynamics at sites, investigators’ compliance with regulations, workload, patient recruitment possibilities, etc. Consulting a local CRO before initiating a study might change your initial plans, but will optimize your results.