Why Israel

    Why conduct clinical trials in Israel?  
Ornit Yanai-Kohelet, M.D.
Our Mission
Regulatory Compliance
Whether you are a local or an international pharmaceutical, biologics, or medical device biomedical company, Q-Trials is here to assist you.

Q-Trials unique positioning in the drug development service arena, enables you to obtain the best solution for your clinical research needs

There are many advantages to setting up clinical trial sites in Israel:   


 University hospitals
With medical school affiliation maintaining high academic standards.

 GCP training
Investigators and site staff have GCP training and are familiar with international and local requirements for performing clinical trials.

 Experience with EDC 
Sites are familiar with Electronic Data Capture tools and can accommodate this technology.

 English language documents
Israeli site staff are comfortable working in English, hence translations are required for patient materials only.

 Lower costs 
Costs of conducting studies are generally lower compared to facilities based in Western Europe and the USA.

 Patient recruitment
Patient recruitment compared favorably with CEE

Q-Trials have the qualifications and the systems know-how that lead to quicker, smoother and cost-effective results