Jan 15 2010

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2010 a crucial year for biomed: Israeli companies await trial results and FDA approval. 2009 saw many impressive achievements for Israel's biomed sector, and 2010 will be a crucial year for many of the sector's companies. Several pharmaceutical companies, for example, expect their clinical trial results.

Ministers of Finance and Industry to Allocate $55 Million to Israeli-U.S. R&D Foundations in Areas of Industry, Science and Agriculture.

Summary of the first meeting of the steering committee of CTrials , The Israeli Association for the Advancement of the Biomedical Research Community (Hebrew).

Israel R&D Chief Scientist approved 21 funding requests for new R&D plans of companies in the areas of communication, biotechnology, electronics, chemistry and drugs, with total investment of 47/3 million shekels (Hebrew).

FDA Awards Contract to Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Inc. to develop a pilot of the FDA’s Sentinel System, which will use automated health care data to evaluate medical product safety.

The FDA is developing guidelines that will set tougher scientific standards for data from tests on humans that makers of medical devices submit when seeking approval of their products, a top agency official said.

2009: Light at the End of a Tough Year.
2009 was a difficult year in the clinical trial space as CROs and sites contended with a half dozen pharmaceutical company mergers, project cancellations and tighter study budgets.

Seminar: Patient Recruitment: Key Success Factor in Clinical Trials. January 19, 2010. Beit Chel Ha’avir, Herzelia.

Israel Ministry of health will hold training sessions during January 2010:
the regulatory requirements for performing clinical trials.

Visit Q-Trials at the ILSI-Biomed 2010 Conference to be held June14-16, 2010 in Tel-Aviv.