Accessibility statement

We see the utmost importance in making our website accessible and suitable for surfing by the majority of the population in Israel, including people with disabilities, thus enabling them to surf easily and comfortably.
The following are some of the actions we took on the website to enable adapted browsing for those with disabilities: The means of navigation on the website are simple and accessible.
  • You can move between the various links using the TAB key and operate the website using the arrows, without using a mouse.
  • We have maintained an appropriate and high contrast ratio, between the content and the background of the website, so that reading is clear and easy.
  • There is a textual description for the photos on the website (alt).
  • There is a fixed and uniform structure for all website pages, categories and pages.
  • There is a fixed structure for the content on the website - text and titles.
  • Links in the website's content are marked in a different color and underlined.
  • The website is optimized for viewing in all popular browsers, including: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox (in recent versions), and is optimized for browsing in different work environments, such as: computer, tablet, smartphone.
  • You can change the size of the fonts by pressing CTRL and rolling the mouse scroll wheel.
Despite our efforts to make the website's contents accessible, including: textual content, titles, images, video and more... different parts of the website may be discovered that are not yet accessible.

If you come across content on the website that is not accessible, we will be happy to receive feedback on this and to correct and improve as soon as possible.

We continue our efforts to improve and optimize the website's accessibility, and wish all users a pleasant and enjoyable browsing experience.
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